leyu乐于体育:CNE Announces the Resignation of Directors and the Appointment of Directors


On January 2nd, Concord New Energy Group Limited (stock code: 0182.HK) issued an announcement to transfer its independent non-executive director, Dr. Shang Li, as the company's executive director, concurrently as the company's chief technology officer (CTO). He is in charge of the overall innovation and application of information technology in the energy industry.
At the same time, Dr. Fang Zhixi, was appointed as the independent non-executive director of the company. Dr. Shang resigned as a member of the company's remuneration committee and Dr. Fang was appointed as a member of the company's remuneration committee.
Dr. Shang Li, at the age of 44, joined Concord New Energy in 2012 as an independent non-executive director. Dr. Shang holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering from Princeton University. Dr. Shang was the Chief Architect and Associate Dean of Intel China Research Institute. He has extensive experience and knowledge in information physics integration systems, embedded systems, computer systems, and nanotechnology. He has taught at Queen's University in Canada and worked in University of Colorado, Boulder as the associate professor of Department of Computer and Energy Engineering. He was also the chair professor of Tongji University.
Dr. Fang Zhixi, at the age of 71, holds a doctoral degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and was the founder and CEO of Tangram (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. He was also the vice president of Intel Global, presiding over Intel China Research Institute, and served as the first dean.